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Declutter Your Home for a Stress Free Life


When commuting home in Akron, what thoughts are present? That of a relaxing evening or having to clean off multiple surfaces in the living room just to sit down? How much time is taken up in a Cleveland household searching for things that are misplaced or out of place? In a Parma household, do the members feel anxious as they look around their house at all the things within that space?

Many times, clutter is at the root of our anxiety about our living spaces. Clutter can be defined as "an overabundance of possessions that collectively create chaotic and disorderly living spaces." Clutter is often just in case or sentimental items that we keep but never really use. Experience shows, however, that just in case rarely happens and that we carry the memories portrayed by the stuff within us already. Minimalism theory explains that we are happier with having more space and fewer things overall. Here are eight reasons why:

Letting Go Of Clutter Clears Reminders Of The Past

Whether it's that Cuyahoga Community Heights Community College sweater from an ex or the best Garfield Heights cookbook bought but never used. Constant reminding can be harmful in present day terms. It brings up bad memories which pick at us emotionally and mentally. You deserve more than to constantly be reminded of your past mistakes and regrets.

Find Lost Treasures

On the flip side, by removing the clutter in your home, you are bound to rediscover things that bring you joy. These are the things that should be serving in spaces we will see daily. Unfortunately, many times those things are hidden underneath everything else.

Reduces Relationship And Family Tension

Whether the tension is caused by not being able to find things, the number of things in a household, or how much money was spent on things not used, minimizing possessions helps to repair and reduce this tension.

Less Procrastination And More Time

In an organized living space, there is little need to spend time looking for things. This leads to results like bills getting paid on time (because they are easily located and kept track of), plowing through a daily to do list (because of the built momentum between each task) and energy to do the things we truly care about.

Lower Levels Of Stress

Home is the beginning and ending place for each day. Cluttered homes are stressful: we wake up stressed because of our surroundings. Since our mood upon waking carries with us throughout the day, that means that there is added stress in each decision and action taken throughout the day. When we downsize our possessions, we let go of that stress and can be present and clear throughout the day.

Symbolizes Fresh Start

Cleaning out our homes and lives is a great first step to finding what we do want in our lives. It can also signify the closing of one chapter and leaving space for new things to enter our lives.

Less Stuff Equals More Mental Clarity

What do we really want to be doing on a sunny Parma day? How do we want to go for our next foal and accomplish it in Cleveland? Less physical stuff leaves more space to determine what we really want to take that place. It also takes away the feeling of I should be cleaning and lets us move on to something more fun.

Easier To Unwind At The End Of The Day

After coming home from a long day at the office or a long bus ride home in Parma, the last thing on anyone's mind should be coming home to a messy house. Instead, steal a page from the minimalist's playbook and choose to come home to a living space, not a storage space.

Action Steps to Ridding Your Home of Clutter

  1. Choosing a starting space and go through area by area. Keep what brings you joy or that you know you can't part with. If it helps, have a family member or friend with you to ask you if something can stay or go.
  2. Designate a space for the things that you decide to let go of.
  3. When your space is filled, call the Bin There Dump That office. We service: Cleveland dumpster rental, Akron, Garfield Heights, Cuyahoga Falls, and Parma bin rental, amongst others. We are happy to help in the removal of your unwanted goods. We can be reached by visiting northeastohio.bintheredumpthatusa.com