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Dumpster Rentals & Property Protection

July 2023 Author: Michael Molinaro/Publisher: Kenneth Godby

5 Roll Off Dumpster Rental Tips to Avoid Property Damage

The time has finally come. You’ve decided to tackle that renovation project. Maybe you’re cleaning house. Perhaps you’re upgrading or downsizing to fit the ever-changing needs of your family. Whatever the project may be, “rent a dumpster” is next on your to-do list.

Have you considered a roll off dumpster rental from Bin There Dump That? Whether you are looking for a dumpster rental in Cleveland, a dumpster rental in Canton, a dumpster rental in Akron, or a dumpster rental in Northeast Ohio in general, Bin There Dump That is here to help. I know what you’re thinking; a construction dumpster rental or commercial dumpster rental means a huge, heavy bin that could crack, dent, or scrape your driveway. This isn’t the case with Bin There Dump That. Our bins are clean and residential friendly and will be placed on our driveway protection system to ensure the surface underneath is safe.

We realize that once we deliver one of our dumpsters, it is completely up to you in terms of how it’s used. Do not let a few easily preventable oversights stand in the way of a satisfactory inspection report or getting back your security deposit if you’re a renter. If you’re a homeowner, these tips will help to maximize your rental experience and avoid property damage.

We always protect your property

Find the Perfect Spot

The efficiency of your dumpster rental begins with choosing the placement of the bin. A solid, flat surface is ideal because of the weight of the dumpster. It will only get heavier as you fill it. Be sure to avoid soft ground like lawns that increase the chance of sinking or damaging impressions.

Here are a few things to keep in mind when you’ve chosen a driveway placement for your residentially friendly bin:

• Is there a parking space still available for your vehicle? (Bin There Dump That dumpsters are compact and with a footprint approximating the size of a minivan.)

• Are you able to avoid placing the bin at the front end of your driveway, where it might obstruct the view of drivers and pedestrians?

• Are you blocking any doors?

• Is there enough room at the walk-in end of the bin for you to be able to take advantage of this feature?

• Are you blocking-in a vehicle in your garage?

When your Delivery Expert arrives with your bin, they will always place protective boards underneath the dumpster to disperse its weight and keep the surface underneath free of scratches and cracks. Another distinction with Bin There Dump That is the compact footprint of our bins. If you have a two-car driveway, you’ll still be able to get in and out of your garage. Just be sure to let us know ahead of time on which side of the driveway you’d like it!

Size of a mini van

Create a Path of Least Resistance

An important question to ask yourself when choosing the placement of your bin is what will be the most traveled path to and from the dumpster? With a little foresight you can avoid trampled flower beds and footpaths through your beautiful lawn. If crossing your lawn is unavoidable, lay plywood down to mark the path and minimize damage.

Keep Out Hazardous Liquids

When you rent a dumpster, almost anything you need to get rid of can go into it. Exclusions would be hazardous materials, paints and stains, combustibles such as propane cylinders, oils and gasoline, household cleaning chemicals and pesticides. It is best to check with your local municipality for their waste collection procedures for these materials, which we cannot accept; and you certainly don’t want these liquids leaking onto your driveway when we pick-up the bin.

Loading: Keep It Level

Bin There Dump That residential friendly bins allow for walk-in loading, but once things start to pile up it’s important to be sure the dumpster twin-entry doors are securely closed. Once the materials are flush with the top of the container, that’s your stopping point.

Your Delivery Expert will cover the top of your bin with a tarp before it is hauled away. Overfilling the bin could risk spillage during pickup in your driveway and as the bin leaves your premises. You might even be charged a failed delivery fee if the materials are well above the rim, and the bin can’t be tarped; so, please be sure to keep it a level load.

Wide Double Doors for Easy Access

Sweep Up

Once your dumpster is full of refuse and it is on the road and out of your life, it sounds like a good idea to give a good sweep to the area where the bin was sitting, right? With Bin There Dump That, we do that for you. With both a broom and a magnet sweep around the area of the dumpster, we will round up those rogue nails, scraps of wood, pieces of glass and chips of paint. The last thing you want after finishing up a large project is to get a flat tire or a punctured foot from a remnant nail left behind in your driveway. No need to worry about that if you rent a Bin There Dump That residential friendly bin.

Sweeping the Driveway

Ready To Rent a Dumpster?

When it comes to renting a dumpster, and especially the help you’ll have in the rental process, you certainly get what you pay for. Instead of wondering if there are any free dumpster rentals near you, or wanting the cheapest dumpster rental near you, ask yourself what you want out of this experience. With Bin There Dump That, you can expect a free dumpster consultation with one of our friendly experts to aid in your bin rental. With our expertise, dumpster size charts and dumpster size calculator, we can provide your specific flat rate dumpster rental price.

Choose any of our four varied sizes to accommodate your needs. For smaller projects, we can offer the six (6) cubic yard dumpster or the ten (10) cubic yard dumpster. For larger projects, including large bulky furniture, choose our fifteen (15) cubic yard dumpster or our twenty (20) cubic yard dumpster. From sizes to service, we specialize in residential friendly, making us your best option for simple and friendly junk removal or waste management.

At Bin There Dump That, your weight allowance is included in the price. From smallest to largest: 6 cubic yard – 1.25-ton allowance. 10 cubic yard – 2-ton allowance. 15 cubic yard – 2.5-ton allowance. 20 cubic yard – 3-ton allowance. When you call to order your dumpster, our knowledgeable Consultants will provide you with free information as to which size will be the best for your project.

Whether you’re looking for a dumpster rental in Medina, a dumpster rental in Garfield Heights, a dumpster rental in Lorain County or a dumpster rental in Northeast Ohio in general, it is our pleasure to assist.