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Four (4) Ways to Minimize Messes While Remodeling Your Home

August 2023  Author: Michael Molinaro/Publisher: Kenneth Godby

Congratulations on your decision to take on a renovation project! It is an exciting time for you and your family, but it will be a lot of work. Projects like this can take several days, or even several weeks or months to complete. In addition to the financial preparations, you can also begin to prepare for the minimization of the mess brought about by remodeling.

Call your local Bin There Dump That location to rent a residential friendly dumpster to help the clean up process. Any refuse material from your project can go right into the bin, helping to keep your space tidy during the process. Whether you are looking for a dumpster rental in Cleveland, a dumpster rental in Canton, a dumpster rental in Akron, or a dumpster rental in Northeast Ohio in general, Bin There Dump That is here to help.

Residential Friendly

During a remodeling project, there are many ways we can minimize mess. If you and your family will be staying within the area of construction, ask your contractors if they can clean as they go. You can also look into a post-remodeling cleaner to do general cleaning, but you may not have to if you follow these four tips:

Seal Off the Work Area

The best way to reduce dust in the air and on the floors and furniture is to seal the remodeling area with paint tarps. Seal to the best of your ability to minimize mess and the need to clean the entire home after remodeling only a portion of it. If you need an entrance and exit through the tarp, do not leave gaps. Try customizing by adding zippers on it, that way no dust can escape into the other areas of your home. Your contractors will know the best way to attach the tarps. Usually, it is done using duct tape. If possible, cover your furniture and seal off any gaps in cabinets or closets as well. This will save a lot of time cleaning couches and washing dusty dishes and clothes. You will thank yourself later if you do!

Create A Clean Path

If more than one space in your home is under renovation, have your contractors create a path where you and your family can safely pass through.

In the case of a commercial building that is under renovation, be sure that your employees know where and where not to go. Determine the high traffic areas and ensure that the path is kept safe and clear of debris. Install the necessary tarps and signs so everyone is safe when the construction is ongoing during office hours. Also, post warning signs such as wet floor, wet paint, watch for falling debris, etc. This will keep your employees safe and ensure your contractors don’t have to repeat any work.

Remodeling Home

Clean as You Go

Some contractors prefer to leave everything just as it is at the end of the workday. This way they can pick up where they left off as soon as they return the following morning. Talk with your contracting team and see if they would be willing to do a clean up after each day. Put tools away where they belong and give the floor a good sweep. This will greatly minimize mess while remodeling if you can get in the habit of doing so.

Use Air Scrubbers

To prevent the accumulation of dust, get an air scrubber for your renovation project. Air scrubbers are useful to get rid of dust, leaves, wood and other forms or tiny debris. Compared to fans, air scrubbers provide a more concentrated air flow, making cleaning and drying much faster. They are also excellent tools to use to rid your space of paint and other chemical odors. While these air scrubbers are great at keeping dust from spreading all over the house, they can be costly to rent or purchase, so keep that in mind while budgeting for your project. If you’re able to get one, you’ll be happy you did.

How We Can Help

Always Fits Right Where You Want It

With these tips for reducing the mess of your renovation, you can ensure that your project is safe and productive. Once the project is finished, there will be little to worry about in terms of clean up. Any leftovers can go into a residential friendly roll off dumpster from Bin There Dump That. Some restrictions may apply (ex. Solvents, paints, Tar) on those items that aren’t environmentally friendly, and used in the renovation process. It’s a short list and will be explained at the time of sale or in the Terms & Conditions associated with the bin rental.

Choose any of our four varied sizes to accommodate your needs. For smaller projects, we can offer the six (6) cubic yard dumpster or the ten (10) cubic yard dumpster. For larger projects, including large bulky furniture, choose our fifteen (15) cubic yard dumpster or our twenty (20) cubic yard dumpster. From sizes to service, we specialize in residential friendly, making us your best option for simple and friendly junk removal or waste management.

At Bin There Dump That, your weight allowance is included in the price. From smallest to largest: 6 cubic yard – 1.25-ton allowance. 10 cubic yard – 2-ton allowance. 15 cubic yard – 2.5-ton allowance. 20 cubic yard – 3-ton allowance. Note that Contractors can also enjoy even higher weight limits with Bin There Dump That.

When it comes to renting a dumpster, and especially the help you’ll have in the rental process, you certainly get what you pay for. Instead of wondering if there are any free dumpster rentals near you, or wanting the cheapest dumpster rental near you, ask yourself what you want out of this experience. With Bin There Dump That, you can expect a free dumpster consultation with one of our friendly experts to aid in your bin rental. With their expertise, dumpster size charts and dumpster size calculator, they can provide your specific flat rate dumpster rental price.

Whether you’re looking for a dumpster rental in Medina, a dumpster rental in Garfield Heights, a dumpster rental in Lorain County or a dumpster rental in Northeast Ohio in general, it is our pleasure to assist.