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Hiring a dumpster rental company

So Called Cheap Dumpster Rental in Northeast Ohio

 (modified Mar 9, 2022)

You know this as much anyone…

There are a several ways to find Dumpsters these days. The purpose of this post is to provide you the information to find the most cost-effective dumpster to rent in ClevelandAkron, Parma; cost-effective dumpster rentals are different than cheap dumpster rentals. 

Let's do this...

Let's examine all the information you need to collect to find the right dumpster provider that will best suit your home project. This information to finding the right supplier includes:

  • Price
  • Availability
  • Reputation

Search Terms You’re Better Off Avoiding When Looking For A Dumpster

Perhaps the most efficient means is to just “Google it”, as they say. Just a few choice “keywords”, and Boom up comes a huge list of candidates to serve your needs! 

In the case of Dumpsters for the Cleveland/Akron area, one might choose a few words like "Cleveland dumpster rental", or "dumpster rental Akron" or "Parma dumpsters". 

To be honest... 

It may be even more tempting or logical to type-in Cheap Dumpster Rental, Cheap Dumpster or Dumpster Rental Cheap. But, caveat emptor! Let the Buyer Beware! As you may be getting more (or less) than you bargained for!

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If so, submit your request today! Additional questions regarding the Bin There Dump That dumpster rental experience can be answered on our FAQ page or by your local  Bin There Dump That operator.

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What Factors Will Help You Select Where You Rent a Dumpster

To really examine what it means to be selectively “cheap”, we should look at what goes into renting a dumpster. 

First and foremost, the correctly-sized dumpster for your project first needs to be determined. If you aren’t sure, then look for a company who can help with this task. They typically know about materials, their densities, and how they pack into a dumpster. 

A dumpster too large is clearly a waste of money; conversely, a dumpster too small may require another one later, resulting in your paying for another dumpster, but also adding delays to your project. While it may be tempting to simply pick the largest dumpster, be sure that larger dumpster can fit in your driveway or space where you require it. Ask your provider the foot-print of the bin – these can vary widely, even for the same volume. 

You should also ask yourself how valuable is your time with your project? Time wasted may include any of the dumpster providers not picking up your phone call or returning your call right away, not having dumpsters available to serve or not delivering the bin on time, or picking it up on time if they do have available inventory. 

bin there dump that dumpster rental in cleveland d

Also, find out if they require you to be there most do not. But, if you don’t feel comfortable with the integrity of their equipment, or whether or not they are placing driveway protection boards down, you really should be there to ensure damage is avoided when they place or pick-up the dumpster. 

Those who utilize driveway protection boards, hook-lift equipment and highly trained drivers can leave you to be rest-assured that you don’t need to be there.

Here Is When The “Cheap” Dumpster Rental Becomes More Pricey In The End

Another potentially costly factor to consider is whether the risk exists for driveway damage. Again, very few companies actually provide driveway protection with their dumpsters be sure to ask for that, as it could be very costly should the driveway become cracked, scraped or even dented (hot asphalt will dent). Bin There Dump That, N. East Ohio provides driveway protection boards with every Bin.

Discover The Reputation Of Your Dumpster Rental Provider To Help You Make The Best Decision

Next, when searching for Cheap Dumpster Rental or similar, be sure to check the online ratings. Google, Google Maps and Angie’s List are great resources. And, ask yourself whether or not low ratings on any dumpster providers are there due to reasons that resulted in a higher cost to the customers they usually are. 

Finally, if you have area constraints that may prevent you from accommodating a dumpster that isn’t “Residential-Friendly”, then any, say, $25 savings you thought you were enjoying has actually turned into a really big problem! 

This could occur if you have to spend more time and labor tossing items over the top, versus those with walk-in door loading, or even worse, if the dumpster is so long that it doesn’t fit into your driveway! For instance, a 20 yard Bin doesn’t need to be of the length most have been in the past, a staggering 18+ feet in length! The smartest designs now for a 20 yard Bin have a foot-print of about 11 feet by 8 feet. 

Many more questions can be answered on our FAQ page about your dumpster rental to ensure you don’t overpay, in more ways than one, and to find renting a dumpster is really quite affordable. Choose your dumpster provider wisely and remember seeking only “cheap” as a criterion can actually become most expensive!